The Musical Team & GSB Youth Band- Spotlight

At Gosport Solent Brass we are busy developing the band in several areas. Our immediate focus is to nurture the beginnings of our youth band and the preparation of our contests and concerts during the Spring and Summer of 2019. We are fortunate to draw on the talents of not just our MD, Colin Garner but also utilise the talents of our more experienced players.

The musical team affords us the ability to strengthen and develop the youth band and senior band through sectional training, one-to-one tuition and associate MD skills. This enables the band to grow and adapt, ensuring that we continue to improve the quality of our performances and professionalism of our members.

We really do encourage our supporters to ask if this is something younger members of their friends and family can benefit from. For example, Is a niece looking to learn the drums? Chris Buck’s experience would be invaluable. Is a grandson looking to build on their performance skills? Tracey and Jamie will look to help any member when they can.

The Youth band is FREE to all junior players (aged 10-18) and where we can, we offer free instrument hire.

Please contact us to find out more about the youth band.